Trends in Quinceañera Hairstyles

The classic is behind us, now quinceañera hairstyles are inclined towards an elegant updo style.

2 of the best quinceañera hairstyles

Take note of these two quinceañera hairstyles that are trend in this 2019:

Hairstyle number 1: Braid wrapped around the top

This hairstyle is presented as an elegant and beautiful alternative for quinceañeras, consists of making a braid and holding it with hairpins at the top of the head.

number 2: Pick up flower type with

This hairstyle is classic, beautiful and simple to do. The beauty of this hairstyle is that the hair is woven while sections of hair are added under the braid.

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Tricks to make your makeup last all night long

Take note of 2 of the most important tricks to make your makeup last all night:

Tip #1: Consciously moisturize your skin

The conscious hydration of your skin will guarantee a luminous face, making it look fresh.
Ideally, consume plenty of water combined with nutritious treatments, creams, masks and facial cleansing.

Tip number 2: You must take into account the place of the party

Remember that if the party is in a nightclub, makeup products decrease their intensity by 75%, so you should apply a larger amount.

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Celebrate your party outdoors

Celebrate your party outdoors

Country houses, clubs and beaches are ideal places to share with your family on any occasion, but they have also become ideal places to celebrate your party outdoors.

These open-air sites lend themselves to taking advantage of the goodness of nature in terms of decoration, the beauty of the scenery and even the climate, depending on the location chosen.

In this sense, when you organize a party outdoors you will have to take into account the season of the year and therefore, the climate of the place, so that the decoration and organization are carried out taking into account these aspects, so you will know if you need awnings, domes, tents or pergolas to better organize your guests.

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Hire an organizer

Don’t leave everything to chance – Hire an organizer

One of the things we have to face when trying to throw a 15-year party is that we don’t know everything. When it comes to planning such events, don’t leave everything to chance, hire an organizer.

15 year old party planners are specialists in managing not only all the stress of turning 15, but also managing and making your budget.

These people are capable of doing the impossible to make your dreams come true, and all this according to your budget.

Are you one of those dreamers waiting for a Prince Charming to show up at his party? Then do not hesitate to hire an event organizer and he will get it for you.

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Thematic Quinceañera: Tropical

Thematic Quinceañera: Tropical

Some fifteen years do not always have to be framed in an atmosphere of rigid and absolute formality. The tropical theme allows you to have a quinceañera even if you’re in the coldest places and bring some of the hottest Caribbean to your party.

There is nothing that a flamingos, pineapples, coconuts and a lot of color can’t achieve. This theme is one of the most modern and fun, because you do not lose the essence of the celebration where the youth of the birthday girl is one of the reasons to be partying.

Refreshing drinks, Caribbean-flavored snacks and a colorful celebration are all part of the tropical-themed quinceañera.

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Thematic Quinceañera: Cinderella

Thematic Quinceañera: Cinderella

The Cinderella tale embodies the dance where the princess meets the prince, the ideal dream: a princess beautifully dressed and wearing crystal shoes, arrives at a dream dance in a lavish carriage.

This is the ideal dream that many quinceañeras want to celebrate the special day where they celebrate their sweet quinceañeras.

This is why a Cinderella theme party turns out to be an adventure in which all participants will end up feeling like a beautiful and unforgettable fairy tale. Decorations that evoke a palace, triumphal arrival at the party and even a pair of glass slippers, can do real magic.

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Party souvenirs to deliver in your 15 years

The gift that is given to guests must fulfill a mission: to make the celebration unforgettable.
Gone are the woven gifts, full of flowers and fake pearls and give way to more modern and utilitarian memories.
Among these novel memories are:

  • Vehicle loader connectors with a celebration sticker
  • Containers decorated with antibacterial gel ideal to carry in your wallet
  • Combos of nail polish, with files and cuticle cream
  • Delicate cases with macarons in colours related to the decoration of the party.
  • Lip balms with different properties and /or flavors.
Picture Source: Pinterest
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Make your own centerpieces

A little creativity, ingenuity and ideas can be the starting point for you to make your own centerpieces.

If you decide to make your own centerpieces, be sure to start several months earlier.

If you’re planning to get down to work, be sure to look for ideas such as: following the recycling trend, transforming glass containers, pots, crates or cans into beautiful pieces with the help of paint, flowers and some tape or cords. The tables will not only look beautiful, but they will also be unique and original.

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Ideas for your 15 photograph

Ideas for your 15 photographs

Currently, photographers offer packages with spectacular ideas for the 15-year parties, including coverage and accompaniment of the quinceañera on the day of the event.

One of the most popular ideas for birthday girls is for the photographer to accompany them from the early hours of the morning to document even the smallest detail.

The boldest ideas for the photographs of 15 consist of sessions with exotic animals. Thematic sessions, whether of dancer, princess, mermaid, among others; and in unconventional locations such as parks, squares or by the beach.

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Ideas for Carry Your Quince Shoes

Carry your quince shoes on a cushion is the traditional way, which consists of a beautiful cushion perfectly decorated with the colors of the party, in which the quinceañera’s shoes rest.

Now, this cushion has been replaced by less conventional objects such as mdf hearts, stars with gems, glass domes and fish tanks, golden cages and wooden trunks.

These new objects fulfil the same function but in a more innovative way, being another aspect of the celebration of fifteen years that has begun to be updated without losing its essence.

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