Biscuit cutter in the shape of a dress

Sweets are an essential complement to the menu of a quinceañera party. We can take advantage of the occasion to bake delicious cookies in original shapes, such as quinceañera dresses. Without a doubt, they will become a special detail for any celebration.

What do we need for our cookies decorated in the form of dresses?

The main thing is a cookie cutter in the form of a wedding dress, which you can buy at any specialty store. You will also need fondant, artificial coloring, and edible glitter.
Cut the cookie dough into the shape of the dress and cover with fondant, then apply some details with glitter.

You can get the dream cutter at this Etsy store:
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Quinceañera Welcome Sign

Welcome posters are the first impression a quinceañera attendee will have. They are placed at the entrance and should attract attention for their details, matching the rest of the décor.

Make a perfect welcome sign

Some materials such as cardboard, glue, ribbons and glossy materials are needed to decorate welcome posters.
On the internet, you can find a lot of inspiration for this project, but if you don’t have the time, you can go directly to Etsy and order a personalized poster with beautiful details, in a high-resolution digital print.

This Store has what you are looking for
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Quince Guest signature book with snapshots

Signature books for visitors are a lot of fun. In them are engraved the good wishes of the guests to the celebration and together with a Polaroid camera can become the most beautiful souvenir of a celebration.

What do you need for your signature book?

The essential will be a large sign explaining the procedure, along with a camera and an album with blank pages to stamp signatures and messages.
The sign can be purchased online in a personalized way. There are stores that specialize in this subject, where you can buy your welcome sign and print it in any size.

You can get more ideas from here:
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The DIY Centerpiece of Beautiful Economic Trees for you Quinceanera

These centerpieces are elegant candlesticks that are very simple to make and serve as centerpieces for quinceañera parties. With them, we can bring a sparkling touch to the celebration without spending too much money in the process.

How do you create your own version of these affordable trees?

We will need a cup, artificial flowers, hot glue and a sphere of expanded polystyrene, which are very economical elements. Cover the sphere with the flowers, glue over the glass and you’re done!
There are many other options based on this basic design and you can experiment until you get the right one.

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Custom Quinceañera Photo Frame

The perfect gift for a quinceañera can be a beautiful personalized frame with charming details. We can buy a frame from any gift shop and make some modifications to make it a unique piece full of authenticity.

Personalize a photo frame to create a unique gift

Taking a frame and customizing it can be a fun project, not just for quinceañeras, but for a wedding souvenir or any other celebration.
If you want a quicker solution, you can purchase photo frames at Etsy and ask them to add phrases, names, dates and other details that will be very original.

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An outdoor Theme party in Kiama for you Quinceañera.

The simplicity of an outdoor reception with rustic and vintage elements that create a warm atmosphere is the best way to celebrate such an important commitment. May the magic of Kiama, Australia, become an inspiration to celebrate your Quinceañera.

Natural elements in decoration

For an intimate and relaxing celebration, use flowers and rustic elements in the decoration. Glass jars, candles, and a personalized welcome sign are decorative pieces not to be missed.
The wood becomes an easy way to transfer the idea of the rustic to the interior of the party room.

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DIY Centerpiece inspired by La Bella & La Bestia for your Sweet-16

This table centerpiece inspired by Disney’s classic can be achieved for your party in a simple way. It is the ideal decor complement for a quinceañera or Sweet 16, filling any space with elegance and luxury.

How to recreate that centerpiece of a fairy tale table?

We will need a long glass vase, floral foam, transparent thread and lots of red roses to get an original version of the central element of the classic Disney movie.
You can do it with natural roses, although it is preferable to work with artificial roses to make it much easier to complete.

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Papel picado

Mexican Quince/Sweet-16 style invitations on chopped paper

Are you looking for an original idea for your Quince/Sweet-16 party invitations? The chopped paper is one of the most original Mexican traditions and is an interesting option to attract the attention of guests, highlighting the Latin culture.

Beautiful Chopped Paper Invitations for Quinceañeras and Marriages

The Mexican-style chopped paper invitations are absolutely beautiful and attractive to the eye because of their striking colors.
With a bit of creativity, it could be a DIY project that we could undertake, but if you don’t have the time and the tools, the best alternative is to acquire the personalized invitations at Etsy.

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Ways to entertain children at a Party

Entertaining children at a quinceañera or any other adult celebration is actually very simple. Thinking of a fun way for kids to enjoy the celebration is a must and there are several fantastic activities to do it.

Some fun ideas for entertaining children at a quinceañera

Board games, coloring books, disposable cameras or a game table full of fun toys are part of the ideas you can implement in your celebration.
That way, kids will have their own distraction while parents can enjoy the event without worrying too much about them.

More ideas at:

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bling blox

DIY Shiny Boxes

These are ideal for any kind of celebration as they are elegant and eye-catching, as well as being very easy to make. We will need materials such as boxes of different sizes, scissors, pencil, glue, paint, stickers with letters and ribbons of various types.

Personalize your boxes with the theme of the party

The theme of the party and the decorative elements that will be included in it will be based to create your shiny boxes.
You should use materials from the same colour range as the decoration and be sure to completely transform some boring common boxes into luxurious gift boxes.

You can see a brief step by step here:

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