We have been there, the stress of planning a party or an event. Just imagine planning for a birthday party, but this time a Quinceanera one. Quinceanera is one of the most awaited events in a Latin family. It is such a big deal as it is part of their cultural heritage. It is also a way to celebrate that a young girl just transitions to a young woman.


However, not all of us have the time to plan and prepare for the Quinceanera party. Besides that it is a big scale event, it also requires a lot of time and effort. Not just anyone can invest on planning such especially if they are working. Now in this instance, you may consider hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner. 


You might want to consider the following tips in hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner:

  1. Do not hire the first Quinceanera Party Planner you met. Try searching for “Birthday party planner for hire” at a search engine. Usually, a list of birthday planners appear. You may want to check the reviews on each business. Visit their social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and look for their reviews. You may also want to try clicking on Yelp.
  2. Ask your friends or relatives. Especially ask those people who already conducted their Quinceanera. Ask who were their quinceanera party planner are and how much did they pay fp the party planner fee. However, it is better to ask who is the Quinceanera Party Planner of  that event that is still stuck on your memory even after the said event is finished. You can be assured that the party planner of that event is truly invested in what it does. Besides, the best proof of this is the fact that you still remember the party. 
  3. After finding possible candidates as your party planner, you may want to visit them one by one. Ask for some information on how do they prepare and plan their events. Raise any queries you may deem important to the formulation of the event. Do not be shy to ask, just make sure you make sense and not irritating. Have one of the friendliest tones and have patience with them explaining. 
  4. Tell them your budget and be firm. Make sure to tell your potential party planners your budget so they can have an idea to what extent they can serve you. This is also a great opportunity to start asking for discounts if they are cool with it, or adjusting your budget, if your finance permits.
  5. Hire your Quinceanera Party Planner not based on gut and favoritism, but because of their good work ethic and impressive portfolio. If one of your relatives is a party planner, but you found a better party planner is around, do not be afraid to turn your relatives down. Quinceanera is a once in a lifetime event. Make sure every penny lasts. 


Now you have an idea on what to consider in hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner, here are some red flags you may want to look after:

  1. They are mostly late during meetings and consultations. An attentive party planner will make sure to be on time to attend immediately to your needs. This is to make sure that all your queries are answered and your requests are taken into account. An early or on-time party planner also indicates that they know the importance of your time. They will also make sure that the meeting is concise and simple for your better understanding.
  2. They usually left their staff alone. Although some planners have their respective assistants who can oversee the whole operation, a professional party planner will make sure to visit the venue and the operations now and then to make sure that all that was planned were followed. This indicates that they are making sure to it that the customers are getting their money’s worth.
  3. They do not respond to your messages or calls. What is more infuriating to a late party planner is an unresponsive one. They are not obliged to answer immediately, but they are deemed to make sure that your queries are answered or that your request is attended to. However, remember that party planners are not obliged to reply to you when you messaged them in the middle of the night. 
  4. They suddenly keep telling an unexpected cost or asking for an additional budget. Before proceeding and giving them your hard-earned money, make sure their claim is real and not some false claim for easy money. Some party planners take advantage of the naiveness of their customers. If this happens, you should offer to buy for the missing item required. You may ask for the receipt or directly talk to the seller. Be careful not to just give your money just because they say so.
  5. When you check their reviews online, there are some sketchy ones. It is a common practice for some businessmen to hire or ask people to create fake reviews. However, fake reviews can be easily spotted especially if they do not have photos or that the review is rather bland and monotonic. 


In the end, hiring a quinceanera party planner affects your money. So make sure to do everything in your power to avail of the services of the appropriate one. You do not want to spend money on planners who make trash events. You do not want to destroy a once in a lifetime event. This is a special day for a celebrant, so let us make it happen.