A perfect quinceanera party does not come easy. It requires time and a lot of effort from every participant in the planning. However, this is such a big event that it may be overwhelming for some. And for others, they do not have an idea of where to start. But if you had already planned and prepared a quinceanera party before, then good for you. But if you are a first-time planner of a quinceanera party, then you may want to read the following:


  • Ask for a budget

You cannot start planning without knowing your budget. Ask the family to what amount they are willing to spend. Or do they consider adjusting their budget during planning and preparation? This is a good foundation to know whether the materials and services you would acquire sooner or later would be met by the budget.


  • Have a brainstorming with the celebrant

It is unfair to start planning without considering the preferences and options of the celebrant. Once the budget is set, have a meeting with the celebrant and other family members required to attend. Ask what her favorite colors are, what theme she is looking for or what kind of food she likes. Try asking her simple questions and try to consolidate later. If there are contravening preferences, then ask her what she prefers more. 

After this, try calculating whether the choices are suitable for the budget. If there is no problem, then you are good to proceed. However, if the budget is tight, then you may want to cut corners here and there. As you proceed, your budgeting and haggling skills can be tested.


  • Do a Quinceanera party related research

A lot of planners fail to do this. Planning a Quinceanera party is not the same as planning a simple event. Parties and events require a different level of attention and effort. So make sure to do your research. You can either start by searching online or even joining a facebook group you found. You may also want to refer to some friends and relatives who had planned a quinceanera party before. Make sure to put it all in your notes so you will be reminded. 


  • List all the materials and service needed for the quinceanera party

List all the materials you would be needing to set-up the venue. Also, list the services you may be needing before, during and after the quinceanera party. This includes but not limited to entertainment service, catering service, and cleaning service. 

After listing all the materials and services, start listing all possible suppliers and service providers. Do not immediately hire the first person you met. Make sure to snoop around to find the best deals while not affecting the quality. Try reading reviews about them or ask people who had been customers of these suppliers or service providers. You may spend extra time and effort, but it will be well worth it in the end. 


  • Now, prepare the list of guests

List all the possible guests that you will have. Make sure to do it during the start of your planning process. Then after careful consideration, pick the ones you really wanted to be a part of your special day. At the same time have the invitations prepared. A good month or a few weeks before the event starts, you should begin sending the invitations. The earlier the better as this give the guests more time to prepare for the event, at the same time for them to fix any of their schedules.


  • Meet up with your suppliers and service providers

As soon as you have an appointment with them, make sure to ask all the questions you may have. This is for you to filter who among them is compatible with your event. This is also to test their competencies based on how they answer your questions. A good service provider is comfortable and confident with any questions thrown at them. But still, be careful and ask others who had worked with them for comments.


  • Get the dress or gown done

The celebrant’s dress will be one of the main attractions during the event. We wanted to make sure that our celebrant is not only pretty but confident with her gown. Make sure that when you talk to the tailor or went to the dress shop, you consider the opinion and preferences of the celebrant. If possible, get the gown or dress prepared as early as possible to avoid unexpected delays. This is also to give you time for alterations in the dress. 


  • Make sure to invest not only money but also time and effort

You are doing this event on your own control. You have the responsibility to make the preparation go as planned. Unlike for those who have party planners, you are obliged to do the overseeing yourself. You are also expected to waste your time and effort in this event, so make sure you are not busy. However, if you really wanted to pursue the planning and preparation but you are busy, then you may want to contact some family or friends to take over during the times you are unavailable.


These are the general ideas for a perfectly running quinceanera party. Similar to almost everything, there is no perfect formula in executing any plan. In the end, you need to be careful with your decisions and plans. You must consider every factor available. It does not mean that a certain formula works for others, it will work for you too.

In planning your quinceanera party, make sure to put your own personal twist to it. If you are not that traditional, then you may add activities that are not normally incorporated in the traditional quinceanera. Or, you may think outside the box and conduct a whole and unique quinceanera party. It depends on you, the celebrant and the family’s wishes. 

However, if in the end you cannot seem to handle the challenge of planning and preparing for the quinceanera, then you may want to hire a professional birthday or quinceanera planner. You may start by searching through the internet “birthday party event planner Chula Vista”, or asking some people you may know could help you.