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Things you should know when hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner

Planning and preparing for a Quinceanera Party can be hectic and stressful. Not everyone is capable to plan and prepare for such an event. It may either because the person tasked is too busy or he has other priorities to attend to. It may also because no one has the knowledge to prepare for a Quinceanera.


That is where a Quinceanera Party Planner appears. However, before you hire a planner, make sure your budget permits and you are comfortable with the idea of having someone to prepare the Quinceanera Party. So here are some things you should know when hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner:


  • Your professional quinceanera party planner will prepare and plan for the event. You do not need to be part of their team. However, you are required to be present during the consultation. However, if it has been stipulated, the party planner and you can plan and prepare the event together.


  • As you proceed with the planning and preparations, quinceanera party planner will ask you for your preferences. This is to guide them to find a suitable theme for your event. But, you are free to choose your dress and party favors. 


  • A professional party planner knows how to play with your budget. Make sure that your budget is reasonable. If you are cool with them, they may even give you a discount. However, if your budget is tight, a professional party planner can conveniently find ways to save your budget. Usually, they will offer you a list of sellers and renters offering decent price products. 


  • Remember, the biggest drawback of availing the services of a quinceanera party planner is the price. It is expected to be at least a thousand dollars minimum. However, if you avail of certain services, then you may have a lesser expense. But if you go for a full package, expect a fuller price. That is why you need to make sure that your budget is ready to hire a quinceanera party planner.


  • Although the price to hire a quinceanera party planner can be extremely expensive, the result could be worth it. Professional Party Planner makes a well-thought and well-planned event for their client. Being a professional, they are expected to do their job better than a normal planner. At the same time, they are paid for their knowledge, skills, and experiences.


  • In finding a Professional Quinceanera Party Planner, it may take some time and a lot of research. The purpose of hiring a party planner is to make sure that the Quinceanera will be conducted and prepared as plan. At the end of the day, we do not want a failed quinceanera, leaving disappointed guests and sobbing celebrant. So make sure not to jump immediately to the first quinceanera planner referred to you. You may start by searching google for “birthday party event planner California” or asking some close friends and relatives. Make sure to ask those who have already conducted and prepared their Quinceanera with their respective referrals. This is to ensure that they have already tried and tested these party planners.


  • Make sure to have appointments with all the possible Quinceanera Party Planner. Ask them all the questions that would help you decide which Quinceanera Party Planner will work well with you and your theme. 


Now, let us go to the points you need to consider if observing the Quinceanera Party Planner:


  • A good quinceanera party planner will make sure to prioritize your choices. They would recommend and suggests information and details. But in the end, they will give you the choice. However, this is with the exception in instances where your budget is tight and your party planner is offering a rather simpler and more affordable alternative.


  • A great party planner will make sure his staff is on time. He will be there most of the time to oversee the operation of the staff. If help is needed, he will immediately come to the rescue. This is a good way to determine if the party planner is invested in your event. This is regardless of your budget.


  • Your quinceanera party planner will make sure to keep you updated. This is to inform you whether the event is coming together or if there are any problems. A good quinceanera party planner will make sure to let you know if any problem arises. This is to update you on any possible delays or repairs. However, you can be amazed how can these professional quinceanera party planners do. Although there are these major problems, these party planners would magically solve it in no time.


Always remember that hiring a Quinceanera Party Planner is no joke. Make sure that you are prepared to pass the planning and preparation process on the hands of another. And at the same time, you are willing to spend an extra thousand bucks for a job well done.

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The perfect Quinceanera Party: Do-it-your own or Hire professionals

The perfect Quinceanera Party: Do-it-your own or Hire professionals

There is an upcoming quinceanera celebration this year. All family members are excited. However, no one is talking about who is going to plan and prepare for this once in a lifetime birthday party celebration. You raised the issue, but no one is directly volunteering themselves. You are willing to give it a try to plan and prepare for the Quinceanera party. However, you are a first-timer. You never planned such a big party or event before. The family is willing to chip in for the budget. But now you are contemplating whether to have a Do-it your (DIY) own or hire a professional quinceanera party planner. 

Now, before proceeding and deciding what to do next, you may want to consider the following for you to better decide if you should do the planning and preparation or hire a professional.

  • Budget Wise and affordability

Basic common sense tells us that having a DIY quinceanera party could save you money. If you are creative and find a lot of alternatives in preparing for a quinceanera party, then the cost for the event could be reduced. However, if you are a first-time planner, this could be stressful and hectic for you. 

You see, although you would save a lot of money by doing DIY, it does not mean it is easy. By doing DIY, you are required to do a lot of research, which means you are obliged to spend more time. So in a sense, you may actually save money but waste so much time. It is advisable to hire a professional birthday party planner if you are unsure. This is to cut time preparing and planning. However, if you are surrounded by experienced quinceanera party planners, then hiring a party planner may not be an option after all. 

  • Convenience and time

As already mentioned above, if you are a first-time DIY quinceanera party planner, planning and preparation may require a lot of your time. You are obliged to do all the research. You may start your research online as it has the most readily available resources. However, you may want to consult friends and families who already have their quinceanera party. They may actually give tips and tricks on what to do. But, if you have been planning and preparing for quinceanera parties for a long time, then this could be easier to do.

However, when you are a busy person, then DIY planning may not be for you. Planning and preparing a quinceanera party does not only require you to spend money and exert effort. You are also expected to invest time. Not everyone wanted to waste their time planning and preparing instead of working. Hiring a professional birthday party planner will make it way easier for you. Once you have an appointment with them, they would ask you for some details and information. It is advisable to bring the celebrant to determine her options and preferences. Make sure to raise all your queries and questions immediately. This is to clarify any possible misunderstandings in the future. At the same time, ask the limits and extents of their services. Some birthday planners do not offer all the services. So make sure to ask for you to know what other things you are required to plan ahead. 

  • Effectivity and execution

What makes hiring a professional quinceanera or birthday party planner is their effectivity and execution of the event. There is an assurance that the event will push through with minimal or no problems at all. This is because they are professional. They know what is asked, required and needed by a quinceanera party. They know people in their industry, which makes it easier for them to avail of materials and services. This is why they require a shorter period to prepare.

Unless you are a great planner, then you may not replicate the well-prepared execution of a professional. Besides that you may require a longer period to prepare and plan, you may spend more time finding materials and services for the event. Once you forget about the entertainment service, then you will end up having a last-minute appointment with a rather questionable performer or having to plan a last-minute activity. Once you failed the planning and preparation process, everything will fall apart. So, you must consider if you can really handle the stress and responsibility of effecting and executing a big event such as quinceanera. 

These are some things you may want to consider before doing anything. This is not in any means discouraging a DIY or a professionally planned Quinceanera Party. Rather, we are clarifying any cloud of doubt you may have. It is okay to choose one over the other, as long as you are okay with it. In the end, it is your decision that will lead to a great quinceanera party. 

To conclude, DIY party planning works well for people who already had experience with planning and preparing a quinceanera party or a large event. They at least have the foundation where to start. It is also advisable for people who would conduct a small quinceanera party. It is also ideal for people who are on a tight budget. Besides, there are a lot of tips available online which can guide you. Though prepare for the worst period of planning and preparing. 

The professionally prepared party is advisable for people who do not want to get stressed. Also for people who have a large budget and do not want to do the hassle of preparing the quinceanera. However, make sure to do some research about possible quinceanera or birthday planner before booking them. You may start by asking referrals from some people you have known to have their quinceanera party planned by a third person. You may also search on google for “birthday party event planner Los Angeles” or something similar to see who are the quinceanera or birthday planners around your place. 

Just make sure that whatever your decision, it is something you are comfortable with.

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Why should you hire a Quinceanera Party Planner

Your daughter, niece or sister is turning 15. This means a quinceanera party is coming up. A lot of stress ensue and a lot of planning is required. A lot of demands were made from both sides of the family. The celebrant is shouting what kind of dress she wanted. The celebrant’s mother is coxing others to share the burden of planning and preparing the quinceanera party. Others just do not care and would just wait for the invitation and the party itself. Now, who is going to lead this catastrophic quinceanera party planning? One or some would inevitably end up carrying the whole responsibility of furnishing the quinceanera party from start to end.

However, do not be afraid. This is the time you may want to consider and hire a Quinceanera Party Planner. Of course, you may be required to spend additional money on your original intention. But, if your budget has a wiggle room, then you may want to hire them instead. 

You do not believe me? Here are some things you must know why should you hire a Quinceanera Party Planner:

  • You do not need to be stressed anymore

Stress comes with planning and preparing a birthday party or an event, regardless of how big or small it is. It is inevitable as every party and event requires different levels of attention and effort. Most of us are not born or raised as planners. So, just think how stressful it is for people who barely know how to plan. Of course, they will be stuck on the process, not knowing where to go or even start. 

However, you do not need to be stressed anymore. Professional Party planner will come to your aid. They will handle almost everything. The thing remaining for you to do is just give them all the necessary information and details. This is to guide them in planning what theme they should prepare and what overall atmosphere will they set-up for the event. Of course, this does not mean that you would not be involved in the process. You can still go and supervise them once in a while. You may even give your suggestions and inputs. Just make sure you do not intervene too much. Remember, these are professionals.

  • Professional Party Planner is well-connected with everyone related to their industry

Can you imagine yourself running around finding a supplier? Do you find it discomforting going to multiple sellers on a day? Don’t you think you waste too much time just going around town talking to people regarding the upcoming Quinceanera Party? You get the point by now.

Professional Quinceanera Party Planner knows who and where to go for the party supplies and services. They do not need to run around just like what you are about to do if you do not hire one. This gives you convenience and assurance that everything will be filled and completed in no time. 

However, it does not mean they have full control over what would happen in the event. You are still free to choose where to buy a quinceanera dress. Just communicate such to your party planner to avoid overlapping.

  • You can have the limited or full time services

Some quinceanera party planners accept limited services. This means that you can hire them for specific planning only. For example, you already have the dress prepared and the catering service. You may hire a party planner for them to set up the venue and hire entertainers, photographers, and videographers. 

You do not need to give everything to them. You just need to acknowledge your limitations in planning and preparing. So, let the professionals help you.

  • They are worth your money

As already stated above, they relieve you of stress and they manage your problems. They are worth your money as they handle the preparations and planning. You do not need to exert too much effort or even allot too much time. As already mentioned, you are mainly required to give the details asked.  

During the planning and preparation, you are still welcome to ask for some corrections and adjustments. However, make sure to ask for the following adjustments within a reasonable time. No one wants a last-minute request. Besides, it can affect the overall set-up of the event. Unless it is a minor detail that requires immediate attention. 

In the end, it is your choice if Quinceanera Party Planner works for you. However, for convenience and better results, a professional party planner could probably do better in preparations and planning than a normal Maria or Jose. 

But, make sure to hire someone you are comfortable working with. Although professional quinceanera party planner is obliged to do everything for the event. In the end, you have the last say. Your choices matters. Working with someone you are uncomfortable with can lead to bad choices and decisions. So, make sure to check their background before proceeding. 

To end up contracting a good quinceanera party planner, make sure to do some research. Go around town, search online and ask for referrals. It is better to go ask people who already had their quinceanera party celebrated to have a better perspective. At the same time, do not be shy to ask for tips in finding a decent quinceanera party planner. Also, ask for common red flags to know what to avoid. 

If you meet up with your potential quinceanera party planners, make sure to raise all queries you have immediately. Ask anything that will help you decide whether they are reliable or compatible with your event. If they fail to answer or respond properly, it may be an indication that they are not that reliable to conduct such an event. 

However if no quinceanera party planner is available in your area, then you may consider visiting local party planners. If they are in for the job and have a good reputation, then they may handle the event smoothly. 

What makes or breaks the event is your decisions. So make sure you are willing to give up the planning and preparing on the hands of your professional quinceanera party planner. Have trust in them, they are professionals. 

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