We have been there. We were assigned or designated to plan for an event or a party. We are usually given a specified period to fix everything. We need to admit that it is stressful, time-consuming and requires a ton of effort. However, there are available ways to make planning an event a little easier.

Quinceanera is one of the parties that requires you to start preparing as early as possible. This birthday party is very important in Latin culture. It is also relevant as it celebrates the transition of a young girl on becoming a woman. It is also the time for the girl to celebrate her womanhood. Because of this, planners are pressured to make everything perfect. If you are one of these Quinceanera DIY Party planners, you are not alone.

Here are some things you might want to consider in planning a Quinceanera Party:

  • Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask for help, especially if this is your first time planning a Quinceanera Party. You may want to ask that relative who just conducted a Quinceanera Party for your niece. You may want to consult a friend who assisted with the preparation of a Quinceanera Party. Small details can help you have a better perspective on what to anticipate and prepare. Make sure to ask relevant questions to avoid wasting both of your time.

  • Start with a research

If you are lost, then researching is the way to go. Make sure to consult Google or Bing to have at least the slightest idea on how to start a Quinceanera Plan. Try to consolidate all the articles and blogs you have read. Pick the topics and tips most frequently highlighted. Make sure to write it all down in your notes. 

You may also want to prepare a mood board to have a visual idea of how the Quinceanera Party would look. You can place pictures, printed themes, the cloth to be used and other textiles.

  • Talk to your celebrant

Of course, all your efforts in planning and preparing a Quinceanera Party will come to waste if you have not considered the opinion and preferences of the celebrant. Try to include the celebrant with the planning process. But, if you wanted to give her a surprise, then make sure not to give every detail to her. Just ask all the relevant questions needed for you to have an idea of what to look for.

  • Have a list of possible vendors

It is not enough that you have the list of materials and things you will be needing for the preparation of the Quinceanera. Make sure to prepare a list of possible vendors or suppliers of the materials required. Do not stick with the first sellers you saw or met. Make sure to go around town or online to get the best deals. If you still have trouble finding great suppliers, you may want to ask those who are already experienced preparing for a Quinceanera party.

  • Go and have the dress prepared

The quinceanera dress is probably one of the highlights of the party. Have the dress prepared months before the said event, especially if intended to be tailor-made. Take your celebrant with you and have an appointment with the tailor. Provide for all the information needed, such as the size of the celebrant, the theme of the quinceanera party, the celebrant’s favorite color and any photos of the dress the celebrant’s wished for. Have a constant communication with the tailor to keep you updated about the progress. A few weeks before the big event, meet with your tailor for a last fitting of the dress. This is to ensure that the celebrant would fit in her dress. Also, to see if it is comfortable for the celebrant.

However, if you planned to have more than one dress, then make sure to have it planned early on. 

  • Prepare the list of guests

Have a preliminary list of guests at the start of the planning process. After a few months, start re-evaluating the list and start filtering out who is invited. Few months before the event, start having the invitations prepared. A good month before the event, have the letter sent to the guests. This is to give them time to prepare for the upcoming quinceanera. But also, to notify the escorts and other guests in case their participation is required such as for dancing. This is to avoid a sudden invitation on the dance floor and prevent awkward performances.

  • Consider the entertainment chosen

After having some talk with your celebrant, you may already know what kind of entertainment she wanted. You may want to call for a DJ to lead the dance floor or a clown to perform magic and funny shows. Whatever that is, make sure that it is something everyone would be comfortable with. 

  • It boils down the budget

There is nothing wrong with an expensive and elaborative quinceanera party. You do you. Go all out if you may. However, do not start blowing your money if you do not have a budget. Most of us think that the quinceanera party is a once in a lifetime event and that you are allowed to do anything. Well, you may want to reconsider that. 

In planning a quinceanera party, you always need to consider your budget. Having one of the most memorable quinceanera parties will be awesome. But, if it destroys your savings, then you are more than welcome to withdraw. Remember, no one wants to remember that awesome party which led to a family to go bankrupt.

Although it will be amazing to plan a quinceanera party, in the end, not every one of us can handle it. You may want to open your options and search for a “Quinceanera Party Planner near me” on google. You may also ask for referrals from friends. It is okay to have someone prepare your quinceanera party. Just make sure to check their credentials and look for reviews. It will give you an idea of how ethical and professional they work.