Tricks to make your eyelashes look abundant

Tricks to make your eyelashes look abundant for your Quince

Is a special celebration coming up and do you want to wear stunning eyelashes in a natural way? There are many tricks you could use to get longer, more abundant looking lashes without using extensions or artificial lashes.

Comb and use an eyelash curler

Before applying mascara, you’ll need to comb them to ensure they stay separate and look plentiful.
The next step is to use an eyelash curler to extend and curve them so that when you apply mascara and your eyeliner you get an interesting visual effect, considerably increasing their volume, this way you get a captivating look.

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Summer Makeup for Your Outdoor Quinceañera

If your quinceañera coincides with the summer heat, there are some ideas and recommendations you can apply, especially when it comes to choosing makeup. Illuminate your face and highlight its natural beauty using a cheerful color palette.

Highlight your gaze with intense colors

If you want to show your more daring side during the summer, you can choose a palette of vibrant colors, which transmit energy and opt for juicy lips, full of brightness.
As your main tip, keep your skin well hydrated and use golden powders to highlight the tan you’ve acquired during the hot season.

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Pink Makeup for Quinceañeras

Pink Makeup for Quinceañeras

Pink shades are widely used in quinceañera makeup, as it is subtle, elegant and shows healthy skin. The objective of this makeup is to enhance the beauty of the face and show large eyes, with long eyelashes and well lit.

The look is the center of makeup

There’s tons of pink makeup and lots of ideas for inspiration. It’s ideal to rehearse in advance how you’ll makeup for your celebration, so you can find the right balance of colors, and the perfect combination of shadows and lipstick for your skin tone.

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Bracelets that match the quinceañera tiara

Bracelets that match the quinceañera tiara

The quinceañera entails a complex ritual that begins with the planning of the entire event, the manufacture of the dress and the purchase of different accessories that will complement the look you want to achieve. Among these accessories, the choice of the pieces of jewelry that you will wear stands out.

Bracelets that match the tiara

The tiara and the rest of the jewelry must have concordance in order for the set to be beautiful and elegant. Roman-inspired 24K Gold laurel bracelets available from Etsy offer a bohemian princess look.

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Beautiful resin earrings for your Quinceanera

The accessories you select to wear to your quinceañera should have a special meaning beyond looking beautiful. The earrings are the most important of all accessories and so your choice should be made with a lot of attention to detail.

Choose a unique piece

If you want to stand out, you have to bet on something unique. The resin and silver earrings, entirely handmade by hand, ensure that sophisticated touch, beautiful and unique.
You can find them just a couple of clicks away at Etsy’s specialist jewelry shops and you can even personalize them in a variety of ways.

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Original Quinceañera Accessories

The Quinceañera is one of the most special and anticipated celebrations by the ladies, who plan these event years in advance to make it absolutely spectacular. Beyond the dress, shoes, and hairstyle, there are small details that complement the desired look.

Small earrings to look spectacular

A very original detail to highlight the beauty of your outfit is to wear small non-perforated earrings that with its glossy finish bring a touch of elegance and luxury to the whole set.
On Etsy, you can find them at convenient prices and with shipping anywhere in the world.

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Luxurious rings to remember your quinceañera

Luxurious rings to remember your quinceañera

Personalized jewelry is the best alternative to keep a special memory of such an important moment in a young woman’s life, as her quinceañera. The luxurious rings made of 10K gold and with a crown, design can be purchased on Etsy in a simple way.

How to choose the right ring?

To choose a ring that will remain as a souvenir of your celebration, you must consider the quality of the materials.

Gold and cubic Zirconia inlays offer that touch of luxury that every quinceañera looks forward to forever remembering her birthday.

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Lots of little rings:

Lots of little rings

Do you like rings? Then you can take advantage of this tendency towards excess. Wearing many rings is fashionable, but it requires some special care if you want to participate in this trend looking elegant at any occasion.

How to carry many rings in your hands?

If you are looking for a romantic look, select rings with very small diamonds. For a more elegant look, combine large rings with smaller pieces for a more chic result.
In any case, you must accompany the rings with a simple manicure to avoid diminishing the protagonism of the jewelry.

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Natural Tiaras: flowers and leaves

Natural Quince Tiaras: flowers and leaves

Headdresses and tiaras inspired by nature can make your look stand out in a surprising way. The combination of pearls, crystals, and other elements together with delicate figures, conserved flowers, and other natural elements allow obtaining an ethereal look.

Nature as a source of inspiration

Flower headdresses are traditional, but if you really want to stand out in an exquisite and very subtle way, you can incorporate natural elements such as preserved flowers and leaves.
All you have to consider is that this accessory really matches the dress and the theme chosen for the celebration.

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Fantasy Colors for Quinceañera's Hair

Fantasy Colors for Quinceañera’s Hair

It takes courage to wear the hair of a non-traditional color! But the Quinceañera can be an excellent occasion for the girl to show the most rebellious aspect of her personality and is also one of the most relevant trends of 2019.

Hair in fantasy colors is the dream of many girls

Achieving hair in fancy colors is easy, and there are only two options available in any salon: bleach and dye hair permanently or use temporary dyes that make you look spectacular that special night.

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